• Our handmade universal seat covers are perfect for any mama. Made out of different types of knit fabrics, these versatile covers are convenient. They work wonderfully as carseat covers, breastfeeding covers and grocery cart handle covers! They have been carefully designed to ensure great coverage and comfort for both you and baby. 

    Universal Seat Covers

    • We advise that you do not leave child unattended with the cover over the carseat. It may for some reason come loose, and suffocate your child. If you leave child unattended please be sure to remove cover from carseat and out of your child's reach. We recommend that when placing child in car, to remove cover to avoid suffocation. Use a car seat cover ONLY if it does not have a layer under the baby. Nothing should ever go underneath your child's body or between child's body and the harness straps. Be sure to leave baby's face uncovered to avoid trapped air and re-breathing.

    • We do not accept exchanges or returns due to hygiene reasons. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any issues.  

      Please inspect product carefully upon arrival and if you have any concerns please contact us immediately.