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  • Do BIBS pacifiers work for newborns?
    Yes, it varies per child, but we find most newborns love them. We recommend that you buy size one to start as it is shorter in length than size 2 (recommended for 6-18m).
  • Are your pacifier clips handmade?
    Yes, we make all of our pacifier clip products in our home. We offer customized designs to suit your style.
  • Do you offer local pickup?
    Yes we do! Information can be found in the shipping section on our website.
  • Could I order items as gifts?
    Absolutely! Just contact us and we can arrange that for you.
  • Can you customize an order for me?
    Yes, absolutely! Please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you with this!
  • Can the stacking cups be used in the bathtub?
    Absolutely. They are very strong, durable material and super lightweight actually making them the perfect bath toy. Just be sure to let them properly dry between uses!
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